David versus Goliath

David versus Goliath


New Parade resident Adrian Avonis has taken on the mantle of David to fight the Goliath Worthing Borough Council over plans to dispose of the old boating lake site.

Adrian is incensed the council is proposing to dispose of the designated Public Open Space between the Aquarena and the beach.   Worthing Borough Council refers to the sea front as “Worthing’s most important asset” but still it is up for sale to the highest bidder.

Further to Adrian’s dismay is another proposal from Worthing Borough Council to change the status of the present Aquarena site from leisure use to ‘available for development’.   As many have observed if the new iconic Splashpoint pool attracts hundreds of visitors there will be no where to park.  Yet the Aquarena has a car park which is up for sale to developers.  With the car parks “fully booked” on arrival we doubt whether the visitors will return again.

Worthing has seen the loss of Peter Pan’s playground, the loss of the very popular paddling pool and now the threatened loss of a public open space by the seafront.   What has the council got up its sleeve for the next bargain basement sale?

Local folk singer Greg Harper wrote a song when Titnore Woods were threatened titled “All Gone” where he describes how planners cut down trees to build an estate, the estate deteriorates so much they pull it down and then they decide what is really needed is a park with trees.  What goes around comes around.

We will not know how much we miss our open spaces until they are gone but Adrian has a fair idea. Adrian says enough is enough.

Worthing Daily agrees with him – our money’s on David.