35 new Specials for Sussex Police

35 new Specials for Sussex Police


Thirty five volunteers become warranted police officers at an ‘Attestation’ ceremony, held at Sussex Police headquarters on Friday (May 9th) evening. 

Attestation is a process by which a newly appointed recruit to Sussex Police becomes a Special Constable with all the powers and responsibilities which that entails. The evening ceremony will see all 35 officers make a declaration in the presence of a Magistrate, before receiving their warrant cards. Sixteen of the new recruits will be based in West Sussex, 12 in Brighton & Hove and seven in East Sussex.

They are from all walks of life and include 37-year-old Tomasz Domanski, a Mechanical Design Engineer, originally from Poland.  When asked about how he feels about becoming a warranted officer Tomasz said: “I wanted to become a Special because helping others makes me feel good about myself, although I appreciate that may sound a little selfish. Being a father of two young children, I think that helping and protecting others is what I’m naturally programmed to do.

“As an immigrant I do not have historic connections to the village I live in, in the same way some of my colleagues do. But I know that the more I have contact with the local community the more I will feel responsible for helping to keep them safe. I’ve already noticed that since my training I tend to take note of more unusual situations around me. Taking the oath and receiving my warrant card on Friday will make it all more official and take it to the next level.”

Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne, who will be speaking at the Attestation evening and launched the Special’s recruitment campaign in 2013 said: “I am looking forward to the Attestation evening as I’ve had the pleasure of observing this particular cohort in various stages of their training.

“All 35 new recruits should be very proud to have successfully managed to get this far in what is a rigorous training programme.”

To express an interest in this role, visit:  www.sussex.police.uk