£4 million for road surface dressing

£4 million for road surface dressing


West Sussex County Council has begun its annual road surface dressing investing £4 million  this year.   More than 150 roads throughout the county will be resurfaced over the next three months.

Surface dressing involves spraying a coating of bitumen on to the road, followed by one or more layers of hard stone chippings.

West Sussex County Council’s Head of Highways and Transport, Geoff Lowry, said: “Surface dressing is carried out every year.

“It is done to seal the road and cover over repairs carried out following winter weather damage.

“It helps protect against future weather damage too and is a very cost effective way of protecting and prolonging the life of our roads.”

Surface dressing is quick, easy, and traffic are allowed on the new surface almost immediately – avoiding lengthy closures and disruption.

Sealing the road prevents water getting into the foundations weakening the road, which can lead to potholes developing.

Other benefits include an increase in skid resistance helping improve road safety.

Soon after a surface dressing is applied, the road is swept to remove loose chippings.

Where possible the County Council will give advance notice of the roadworks to residents to make sure their vehicles are not left on roads that are about to be treated.