61 years for four men found guilty of Pavilion Road stabbing of man who lost arms and legs

61 years for four men found guilty of Pavilion Road stabbing of man who lost arms and legs


Four men were sentenced to a total of 61 years at Hove Crown Court today (Monday June 16th) found guilty of stabbing a man who lost his arms and legs.  The stabbing took place in Pavilion Road, Worthing in August 2012 .

Patrick Brookes, 27, unemployed from Clifton Road, Worthing, Jeremiah Reynolds, 26, unemployed from Ascham End, North London were found guilty on March 11th after a three week retrial at Hove Crown Court.  Brookes was jailed for 16 years and Reynolds was sentenced to 15 years.

Dominic Brookes, 19, a student from Bramble Close, Croydon, and 18-year-old Trey Johnson from Victoria Road, Worthing, who were charged with GBH with intent were found guilty at Hove Crown Court in August. Brookes was sentenced to 15 years and Johnson was also sentenced to 15 years.

The victim, Ernest Moyo, who is known as Joe, was attacked as he left a party on Saturday August 11th 2012.  The then 25-year-old had been at the party and after an altercation with another group, he left. Later he returned with friends and there was a fight with the four men.

He was stabbed in the leg and stomach, and was left in the road where emergency services rushed to the scene. Joe was left fighting for his life and was in hospital with three stabs wounds, one to his thigh and two to his abdomen. After infection spread and his vital organs were put in danger, the decision by doctors was made to amputate his arms and legs.

His family were so distressed by the incident and Joe had such little recollection of what happened to him, they told him initially he had been in a car crash.

Patrick Brookes was arrested on the night, along with another man who was later released without charge, and then charged with GBH with intent the following day. Nine days later, Reynolds, Dominic Brookes and the 17-year-old (Johnson), who was 16 at the time, were arrested and charged also with GBH with intent on August 22nd.

They all pleaded not guilty, claiming they were not involved in stabbing Joe.

After the case Detective Constable Laura Sinden said: “I have been with Joe and his family throughout the investigation and the trial and pleased for them that these four people have been brought to justice. Each of the men have received signifant sentences for their involvement in what happened that night.

“The attack happened after a row about a mobile phone and escalated into a young man almost losing his life. The injuries Joe sustained from the stab wounds have meant he had to have his limbs amputated and therefore the consequences of that night will be with him for the rest of his life.

“This was a vicious attack that left Joe fighting for his life in the middle of the road. We have worked hard, and with the support of Joe’s family, to bring these men to justice.”

Joe’s fiance Amy said: “For two to three months every day both our families visited him hoping and praying, before finally he was taken off the life support. Joe and myself will have to deal with his injuries everyday for the rest of our lives as we make a future together, making our lives totally different from what they would have been.

“We would all like to thank all the nurses, doctors and surgeons at the hospitals for all their care and support that they gave to Joe. We would also like to thank Sussex Police especially DCs Tony Taylor and Laura Sinden and PC Vicky Bailey for all of their hard work and support.

“We are relieved that four people have now been held accountable for their actions and will now face many years in prison.”

Pictured: Dominic Brookes, Jeremiah Reynolds, Patrick Brookes and Trey Johnson.