’71 at Connaught Cinema & Studio

’71 at Connaught Cinema & Studio


’71 (15) is showing at the Connaught Cinema & Studio from Friday November 7th to Wednesday November 12th.

Gary Hook (O’Connell) is an ordinary British soldier on a tour of duty in the crisis zone that is 1971 Northern Ireland.  When a routine search goes wrong, he finds himself alone behind enemy lines.

In any other film, the result would simply be an adrenaline-fuelled flight to freedom, but Demange’s effective and affecting tale doesn’t unfold that way, focusing instead on the experience of the man on the ground, putting us in Hook’s shoes.

Nightfall is especially treacherous: it’s then that the world goes crazy and a lawless parody of justice descends to control the deserted streets.

Demange expertly conjures the atmosphere of urban paranoia, while rising star Jack O’Connell gives a thoughtful, understated performance that brings heart, soul and hope to this bracing, energising movie, which recalls Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar-winning The Hurt Locker.

Running time:  99 minutes.

Show times:  Monday November 10th at 3.30 pm, Tuesday November 11th at 1.45 pm and Wednesday November 12th at 11.45 am.