Action for Dysphasic Adults in Worthing

Action for Dysphasic Adults in Worthing


The local Action for Dysphasic Adults (ADA) is a Worthing based charity providing monthly meetings for sufferers and their carers.

ADA said: “Lost for words?  We all know that feeling, but can you, for a moment, imagine a life without words and the sense of isolation and frustration that would bring?  Dysphasia (also known as aphasia) is a communication disability resulting from stroke or other brain injury.  In the UK alone there are 400,000 individuals coping with this condition.  This is not something that just affects the elderly, it can strike at any stage of life.

“Dysphasia makes it difficult for someone to find and form words, and affects their ability to speak, read, write or understand what is said.  It rarely affects intellect, but understandably, it has a profound effect on the sufferer’s quality of life. As one sufferer explained ‘It feels as if I am locked inside my head”.

ADA offer much needed support and information, speech and communication orientated activities, communication aids, and social outings. Their volunteers work with the guidance of local speech therapists, in a friendly and supportive environment helping sufferers to overcome their problems and to re-engage with life.

If you know someone who is a sufferer or you would like to volunteer to help out then ADA would like you to get in touch.

ADA  meet at 2.00 pm on the last Wednesday of each calendar month, at the Goring United Reform Church Hall, Shaftesbury Avenue, Goring-by-Sea, BN12 4ET. For further information please contact John on 07799 891642.  ADA look forward to seeing you.

Pictured: Sue enjoys the ongoing support she receives at ADAr monthly meetings as part of her ongoing ‘Speech and Language’ rehabilitation.