Adur & Worthing Councils sign historic agreement with Rabbit

Adur & Worthing Councils sign historic agreement with Rabbit


Adur & Worthing Councils have signed a historic agreement with Rabbit Group to recover energy from commercial waste for a further two years.

A successful  trial enabled both councils to recover more value from their commercial waste and reduce dependency on landfill.

The trial means commercial waste collection service prices are frozen regardless of the effect of landfill tax increases. The price freeze has already been the equivalent of a 5% reduction in prices in real terms.  Against the backdrop of the challenging economy local businesses are helped to keep their overheads down while improving their green credentials.

The Councils are diverting 5,500 tonnes of waste through the Rabbit energy from waste plant, in Chartwell Road in Lancing. This is equivalent to almost 1,000 lorry loads driving from Worthing to New York and back each year. Rather than being landfilled this waste is used to power around 800 homes.

Worthing’s Cabinet Member for Clean and Green Environment, Clive Roberts, said: “I welcome this agreement as it paves the way for what could be a very exciting future for the Adur Worthing commercial waste service. I am pleased that the collected waste is being put to good use rather than just landfilled. We welcome the efforts made by Rabbit to accommodate us and hope that the experiment proves to be as successful as early indications suggest.”

Greg Blurton, Managing Director of Rabbit Group, said: “We are delighted to have signed this agreement with Adur & Worthing councils. This deal will see approximately 5,500 tonnes of waste collected from local businesses come into our local facility in Lancing, rather than being transported miles to landfill sites either within or out of the county.”

When deposited at the £15m Rabbit facility, the waste is processed through the Materials Recovery Plant where any recyclables are removed for re-processing. Most of the remaining waste then becomes fuel for Enviropower, the Energy from Waste division of Rabbit. The fuel generates high pressure steam to drive a turbine producing sufficient ‘green electricity’ for up to 8,000 homes. Rabbit anticipates more than 98% of the waste delivered will be recycled or recovered.