Alan’s started … so let’s finish

Alan’s started … so let’s finish


Alan Walker, landlord of The Cricketers in Broadwater was out on Tuesday with his mower.  Not in the pub garden but on the green in front of Cricketers Parade shops.

West Sussex County Council owns the green and was responsible for its upkeep but singularly failed to do so recently. The grass was as tall as an elephant’s eye – fine in the open spaced corn fields of Oklahoma but not in the open spaces of Broadwater.

The county council has suffered severe cuts from its central government grant and in turn must make cuts itself.   Alan using his mower has made cuts of his own but in a positive way.

Councils  will increasingly turn to communities to provide services residents would ordinarily expect the council to provide.   And West Sussex has made a start in Broadwater by providing encouragement, advice and the tools to do the job.

Worthing used to be the junior party in the Broadwater-Worthing relationship when Worthing was just a small fishing hamlet in the Broadwater parish.   Now once again Broadwater is showing the way.

What next?   Grass verges?  Grove Lodge roundabout?  Pavement and pot hole repairs?

Alan’s started … let’s get to a polished finish.

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