Anagram of This at Bar 42

Anagram of This at Bar 42


Anagram of This with Sweet Jonny, Damidge and Puppet Kings (acoustic) are at Bar 42, Worthing from 6.00 pm to 1.00 am tomorrow night (Saturday May 30th).

Bar 42 lets the bands introduce themselves:

Anagram of This – “We are a ska punk/alternative rock band from Horsham and London. Actually, we don’t really fit into a genre, although we have been described as playing ‘punk with bounce’. We each have different tastes and influences and we think that adds to the diversity of our music.”

Sweet Jonny – “Formed through a general distaste and disillusionment with the current music scene, Sweet Jonny hail from a do-nothing town in the middle of nowhere. A gutter garage rock band – fervent, desperate and violently energetic. A torrent of noise, sweat and more often than not, our own blood. Think the Pixies on speed or the Cramps if they were denied it.”

Damidge – “South London Based Punk Band with a Spacey twist.

Puppet Kings (acoustic) – “Puppet Kings are a three piece rock band formed in 2011. Drawing influences from both rock and metal acts ranging from the likes of Foo Fighters to Megadeth they have been described as ‘outstanding rock purists’ and aim to create great songs and live shows with energy and passion.

Bar 42 is at 42 Marine Parade on Worthing seafront.