Anger over 20’s Plenty delay

Anger over 20’s Plenty delay


Worthing residents and campaigning groups are angry at the lack of progress over 20 mph zones in residential streets.  South Broadwater Residents Association Chair Tim Nicholls and Duncan Kay of 20’s Plenty for Worthing have both expressed their frustration this week.

Worthing County Local Committee (CLC) at their meeting  on June 5th announced a special meeting to be held to discuss 20 mph zones.  The informal meeting was held last Thursday (May 30th) but unlike normal CLC meetings was not held in public and the outcome is unknown.

Tim Nicholls said: “We are getting increasingly frustrated at a lack of progress even for consultation which was promised after the elections. We have had no announcement after the CLC special meeting which was behind closed doors and we hope not a sign of things to come.

“ If as was rumoured at the CLC meeting the money for the scheme is being spent on re-paving Montague Street we would view that as a scandalous waste of tax payers’ money about which there has been no CLC decision and no consultation.

“It’s incredible that both Chichester and Brighton & Hove have implemented schemes yet in Worthing where such a scheme has been campaigned for a longer time (at least by us) they haven’t got round to consulting.  If the scheme is dropped it would be a scandal.”

Worthing Borough Council approved a cross-party motion supporting 20’s Plenty in October 2010.  West Sussex County Council  approved a motion in July 2011 promoting 20 mph zones throughout Worthing in non-major roads where there is a majority of public support.

Duncan Kay said:  “The 20’s Plenty for Worthing campaign are very frustrated by West Sussex County Council’s continued delays and seeming lack of priority for progressing a 20’s Plenty scheme in Worthing.  Worthing Borough Council voted unanimously in favour of progressing 20 mph speed limits back in 2010. It is now 2013 and we are still waiting for a proper scheme proposal on which a decision can be based.

“ Meanwhile other towns and cities across the country have already committed to introducing 20 mph limits on their residential streets, and many people are already enjoying the benefits. “

“Portsmouth were first, but Oxford, Leicester, Newcastle, Bristol, Warrington, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Glasgow, York, Liverpool, Brighton, Sheffield, Middlesbrough, Bath, Nottingham, Manchester, Southampton and of course Chichester are following amongst others.

“ Worthing has the highest pedestrian and cyclist casualties of anywhere in West Sussex – it is about time that West Sussex County Council prioritised addressing this.”

Worthing County Local Committee members are the nine West Sussex County Councillors representing Worthing.