Angola Road pool: statement from Worthing Homes

Angola Road pool: statement from Worthing Homes


Worthing Homes sent us this statement this morning following our articles on the pool at Angola Road:

“Our tenancy agreement states that residents ‘keep all shared areas such as entrances, stairways, corridors and landings clean and free from obstructions’.

However, during this exceptionally hot weather we are, if asked, giving permission for the use of a paddling pool in communal areas.  All we ask is that residents are sensible with where they place the paddling pool and do not block any walk ways, play areas or clothes drying areas etc. as they are communal gardens.

The pool at Angola road is not a paddling pool but a large pool in a communal area which poses some issues such as the danger of open water to young children and the risk of contamination to the water.

We have also received complaints with regards to the noise, which has on occasion continued after 9.00 pm, and we have to take into account and respect the wishes of our residents.

As this pool is on communal land owned by Worthing Homes we have a duty to take the above factors into account.

We appreciate that in this weather and with the school holidays children enjoy splashing about, however we are fortunate to be living in a town that is by the sea which is accessible to all.”