Antony & Cleopatra at Connaught Studio

Antony & Cleopatra at Connaught Studio


The Connaught Studio, Worthing presents Antony & Cleopatra recorded live at The Globe Theatre at 7.00 pm on Monday June 22nd.

Cleopatra, the alluring and fascinatingly ambiguous Queen of Egypt, has bewitched the great Mark Antony, soldier, campaigner and now one of the three rulers of the Roman Empire. When Antony quarrels with his fellow leaders and throws in his lot with Cleopatra, his infatuation threatens to split the Empire in two.

Roman virtue and Eastern vice, transcendent love and realpolitik combine in Antony and Cleopatra, Shakespeare’s greatest exploration of the conflicting claims of sex and power, all expressed in a tragic poetry of breathtaking beauty and magnificence.

Tickets are £14.50, concessions at £2.00 discount with Friends at £3.00 discount.

The Connaught Studio is at 3 Union Place, Worthing.