Artists – paint us a picture

Artists – paint us a picture


Stefan Sykes of Coast Cafe has sparked controversy again – this time with his vision for an Artist Quarter near Splash Point.  The plan is to convert ten more beach chalets into artist studios or retail outfits joining the five converted as a pilot in 2010.

Worthing Daily published yesterday Mr Sykes’ vision for the area and today the reactions from the current tenants of the beach huts and local ward councillor David Chapman.  Cllr Chapman indicates not all artist groups in Worthing are convinced the scheme is the best way forward for the arts community.

There is no shortage of artist groups in Worthing to give their views with 70  represented on the Worthing Arts Council alone.  Mr Sykes was once chair of Worthing Arts Council when the joint Adur & Worthing Public Art Strategy was put together in 2009.   There does appear to be a dearth of public arts projects in Worthing according to the council’s website which details those funded through the planning process.  Not one is listed for Worthing but Lancing, Sompting, Shoreham and Southwick have all been beneficiaries.

Yet we know of the excellent Worthing Arts Trail held in June and July each year and the current Open 13 exhibition at Worthing Museum solely for Sussex artists.

So how can Worthing promote and encourage their artists best?

Let us know and we will let Worthing know.

Just paint us a picture.

Worthing Daily