Atlantic Splash recover ‘Missy’

Atlantic Splash recover ‘Missy’


Team Atlantic Splash today successfully recovered their boat ‘Mission Atlantic’, affectionately known as ‘Missy’, on their second attempt.

Team captain Neal Marsh announced the recovery this afternoon (Sunday January 5th)in a satellite phone call from the yacht towing the boat back to the Canary Islands.  They hope to be back in port by Tuesday evening.

Neal and fellow team member Tom Hyland sailed out of Marina San Miguel (Tenerife) last night at 10.00 pm in the  sailing yacht “Osteo Vic” to find ‘Missy’.  This was the second attempt to recover ‘Missy’ after failing to find the boat just before Christmas.

Atlantic Splash were airlifted by helicopter from ‘Missy’ on Monday December 9th while taking part in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge race.  Described as the toughest race in the world they had faced a 3,000 mile row across the Atlantic from the San Sebastian de La Gomera ,Canaries Islands to Antigua.

After the boat took on water which knocked out their entire electrical system  the five team members were all safely airlifted to Tenerife.  The conditions were the worst known for over 100 years.

The team has been vindicated proving as Neal said after the first failed attempt:  “In true Atlantic Splash style the story is never over until we all agree it is.