Bank Holiday Carnival line up

Bank Holiday Carnival line up


Derech Rollison of Ivy Arch Studios advises the musical line up for the August Bank Holiday Carnival on stage at The Steyne Gardens.

Coyote                                                 11.30 am    Rock band


Lydia Birchall                                      12.15 pm    Soloist


MacAoidh                                           12.45 pm    Gàidhlig (Gallic) band


Kompact Theatre                                1.30 pm    Dance theatre


The Luvettes                                         2.00 pm    4-piece vocal harmony


Mayor’s presentation                          2.30 pm


South Coast Jazz Band                       2..45 pm    Jazz


Charrise Mockford                              3.20 pm    Soloist


Brewing Up                                           2.50 pm     Blues band


Imbium                                                  4,30 pm     Pop/Indie band


Flash Company                                    5.00 pm     Irish jig band


Compère:    Cookie Jones  of Worthing Sunshine Radio

Pictured:  The Luvettes