Beach Chalet decision confuses tenants

Beach Chalet decision confuses tenants


Tenants objecting to the application to convert beach chalets in east Worthing to artist studios are left confused by the planning committee meeting decisions on Wednesday (November 27th).

The planning application to change the use of 15 beach chalets at Beach Parade, Worthing to arts and crafts workshops was at first refused on a vote by the committee but subsequently another vote was taken deferring the decision without explanation.

Tenants of the beach chalets thought the first vote was conclusive in rejecting the application and the second was just a secondary procedural matter. But they have been left bewildered.

Beach chalet tenant Paul Doran said: “In the handling of this application it looks like another example of officers’ cavalier disregard for the planning process.”

The tenants had previously presented to Worthing Borough Council a petition against the change of use with 2,500 signatures expecting the issue to be debated in Council.  The debate was not permitted by the Mayor on advice from the council’s legal officer.