Brazilian night at Eat’s Kitchen

Brazilian night at Eat’s Kitchen


Eat’s Kitchen in Worthing presents a Brazilian night of food from 7.00 pm on Saturday November 22nd.

The main course is Feijoada (pronounced ”fayzhe-wada”) which is usually accompanied by steamed rice, shredded kale or collard greens, and orange slices. Farofa, a topping of cassava flour toasted in hot dendê oil (or palm kernel oil), gives the dish some crunch and heat.  Pickled malagueta peppers (small, spicy green peppers, used to season many regional Brazilian recipes).

Food historians disagree on the origins of the dish, but one version holds that feijoada’s history can be traced back to 19th-century plantation workers in the Brazilian sugar-cane fields, who combined protein-rich beans and the aromatic heat of native dendê oil with meat from the plantation owners’ kitchens. The result is an appetising and filling soul food that today is at the centre of convivial family reunions in Brazil.

Coxinha (Brazilian Chicken Pastry)

Main Course
Feijoada (Pork stew)

Creamy orange cake

£14.00 per person.

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Eat’s Kitchen is at 98-100 Brighton Road, Worthing.