Broadwater grave has Royal connections

Broadwater grave has Royal connections


Mary Finch who is buried in Broadwater & Worthing Cemetery is a direct descendant of Henry VII and is related to Edward IV, Lady Jane Grey  and Henry VIII among other Royal connections.

Another Mary, Mary McKeown of the Friends of Broadwater & Worthing Cemetery Group, discovered the connection as part of her civilian research for the group.

Mary said: “Some months ago fellow tour guide Sally Roberts and I were planning our new Sunday tours around the cemetery. Sally had pointed out that a word on the inscription on Mary Finch’s grave had been spelt incorrectly . I decided to research Mary so that we could include her on our future tours and I was very surprised that my research discovered her amazing royal ancestry. ”

Mary Finch was born on October 6th 1792 to parents Hon William Clement Finch and Mary Brouncker and died on December 7th 1870.

Broadwater & Worthing Cemetery is in South Farm Road, Worthing and the Friends hold monthly tours from April to October on the first Saturday in each month at 11.00 am.  Next year there are also Sunday tours on July 20th and September 21st at 2.00 pm.