Call for West Sussex mineral sites

Call for West Sussex mineral sites


West Sussex County Council and the South Downs National Park Authority call this week  for sites with potential for mineral development. They are responsible for planning for an adequate supply of minerals including sand and gravel to support the needs of the economy across a range of industries.

The call which lasts for four weeks until Friday April 11th is part of the plan-making process for the West Sussex Minerals Local Plan.

Anyone who has sites they would like to promote for consideration as part of the plan-making process are asked to complete and return forms to West Sussex County Council.

Pieter Montyn, West Sussex County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, who has responsibility for planning for minerals extraction, said: “We are committed to listening to customers and ensuring that the needs of our communities are taken into consideration during the decision making process.

“For this part of the plan-making process we need land owners, mineral operators, and any other interested parties to put forward potential mineral development sites in order to inform and provide evidence for the preparation of the new Minerals Local Plan.

“The allocation of sites is important as it provides communities and the minerals industry with certainty about where mineral development can take place.”

The new Plan will guide when, where and how minerals production should take place across the county up to 2031. It will safeguard resources, allocate sites for mineral production and transportation, and include a range of policies to manage future mineral development.

Work on it will continue through the summer with consultation on a draft plan due to take place in autumn 2014 and consultation on the proposed plan set for autumn 2015. The final plan is expected to be adopted by winter 2016.

South Downs National Park Authority Planning Committee Chairman Andrew Shaxson said: “National Parks have the highest status of protection in relation to landscape and scenic beauty and we are working closely in partnership with West Sussex County Council to safeguard the special landscapes, wildlife and communities of this part of the South Downs.”

For further details or a copy of the form to promote a particular site, contact the Planning and Transport Policy Team.