Canada Day

Canada Day


Canada Day is July 1st each year but Worthing Daily is declaring today an ‘unofficial’ Canada Day as Worthing dedicates and unveils the Canadian memorial on Worthing seafront.    

We have a number of stories today of children, of those brave Canadians stationed in Worthing during the World War Two, who will be attending the ceremony.

Worthing Daily is grateful to Chris Vowles of Canadian Roots UK  who put us in touch with a number of the people who still live in Worthing.   Chris himself is still trying to trace his father and we wish him all the best in his quest.

The memorial at the bottom of Grand Avenue is sited on one of the positions the Canadian servicemen manned the large guns defending the South Coast from possible invasion.

Tomorrow marks 71 years from the day Canadian troops took part in the ill-fated Dieppe Raid in northern France.  A number of troops from the Calgary regiment  were stationed in Worthing prior to the raid on August 19th 1942 and many sadly never returned.  The assault took place at 5.00 am and by 10.50 am the Allied commanders were forced to call a retreat.  Over 6,000 infantry men, predominately Canadian, were supported by a Canadian armoured regiment and  Royal Navy and  Royal Air Force landing contingents.  A total of 3,623 of the 6,086 men who made it ashore were either killed, wounded or captured.

Worthing owes a great debt to those Canadians who were here at our time of need and Worthing Daily today salutes them.


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