Canadian Roots star still seeks his own roots

Canadian Roots star still seeks his own roots


Chris Vowles and his partner Pam Wilson of Canadian Roots UK  are the driving force behind today’s unveiling of the Canadian Memorial on Worthing’s seafront.  So many Canadian war babies have traced their families through Chris but Chris is yet to find his own father.   

Chris is looking for his father Charles/Charlie a Canadian who was stationed in Worthing during World War II.  By the time Chris was born April  1946 his father had gone back to Canada at the end of 1945.  Just to make it even harder to find his father Chris’s mother Kathleen Annie Vowles died in childbirth with him.

So Chris didn’t know his father or mother.  He understands that his mother went out with Charles/Charlie for a long part of the war. His mother Kathleen worked in a shop during the day but at night she was a singer with her brother Arthur who played piano entertaining the troops stationed in Worthing.

Chris thinks this is how his mother and father met.  Chris was brought up by his aunt but if he asked her about his father, she would get very upset due to the loss of her sister Kathleen.  He knows that he was billeted at the sea end of Grand Avenue, Worthing, the east side of the road. Chris was conceived about July 14th 1945 after the Canadians had left Worthing on D-Day and before Sept 1945, when they would of been on their way back to Canada.

Any help with Canadians were still in Worthing during July 1945 would be a great help to Chris in trying to trace his father.  In a effort to trace his father Chris has had his DNA tested, to see if he could find a surname for his father.  The DNA showed that his father’s surname could be Byers, Elliott, Irwin or Irvine. The reason for the four surnames is that they are all name changes down from Irvine, due to adoption etc.

Chris now knows his father was a French Canadian and  was 3 years older than Kathleen.  Kathleen Annie Vowles was 39 when she died in 1946.

So if you know of a Canadian with the surname of Byers, Elliott, Irwin or Irvine together with a first name of Charles/Charlie, who was in the UK during WW2,  you may be able to help Chris with his search to trace his father.

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