Castle ward by-election – Alex Harman: Conservative

Castle ward by-election – Alex Harman: Conservative


Worthing Daily asked all the candidates in the Castle ward by-election for Worthing Borough Council on Thursday August 7th for a statement. 

The following is from Alex Harman – the Conservative candidate: 

The Conservative candidate for the Castle Ward by election is Alex  Harman.

Alex is the chairman of the local branch of Conservative Future- a group that encourages younger members to help in their local community by becoming involved in politics.

Alex is a firm believer of  putting the community first and if elected will be a strong voice for Castle residents on Worthing Borough Council.

Alex has previously lived in Castle ward for many years and now lives on nearby Romany Road, this means he understands the needs of the community, and is easily  contactable so is always on hand to help residents.

In recent years a Conservative-led council has brought success after success to Worthing, including a thriving business community, lower unemployment than the national average and a fantastic new swimming pool and leisure complex.