Castle ward by-election – Charles James UKIP

Castle ward by-election – Charles James UKIP


Worthing Daily asked all the candidates in the Castle ward by-election for Worthing Borough Council on Thursday August 7th for a statement. 

The following is from Charles James – the UKIP candidate:

Charles James – the UKIP candidate for Castle Ward says:- “If elected I will be an independent voice, for you the elector, and I will press for answers for major local issues:

  • Why was a gagging order placed on Councillors over the £800,000 paid to NCP after the termination of their contract was bungled by Conservative Councillors?  Expenditure of council taxpayers’ money should be transparent and accountable.  It should never be subject to legal agreements, preventing disclosure to the public, which has happened in the past. 
  • Why was the parks and gardens budget overspent by £500,000? And what is there to show for it? Not a lot! 
  • Why was the Theatres budget overspent by £500,000? 
  • The continuing pressure on our open spaces such as the proposed housing development on Goring Gap, and the pressure on local schools and health services has been highlighted nationally by UKIP.  Immigration from the EU continues at over 200,000 a year, despite Conservative/Lib Dem Government promises to drastically reduce these numbers, the pressure will only get worse, and our services will be increasingly stretched. 
  • We cannot hope to have independent control over Worthing’s future for us, our children and grandchildren, unless we free ourselves from the unelected Bureaucrats in Brussels, and their laws, which are imposed on the Town Hall.  

UKIP believes in democracy, devolved to the people through binding local referendums on key issues, so that laws are made by the electors.

That is why UKIP took more votes than any other party at the last election in Worthing.

UKIP says….  Listen to the people.  What do you say?

On August 7th 2014 I will be asking for your vote on these vital issues in this important by-election.”

Charles James

UKIP Candidate for Castle Ward by-election