Castle ward by-election – Jim Deen: Labour

Castle ward by-election – Jim Deen: Labour


Worthing Daily asked all the candidates in the Castle ward by-election for Worthing Borough Council on Thursday August 7th for a statement. 

The following is from Jim Deen – the Labour candidate:

Jim feels that Castle Ward has been let down over recent years by the failure of some of its councillors to fully commit to their responsibilities in representing all those who elected them.

He has pledged to work with residents to develop an Action Plan of policies and improvements for the Castle Ward area which he will fight to see implemented by the Council – or other agencies where that is appropriate.

He is retired from a career in publishing, but will draw on the huge experience he had working on magazines for town planners and parks and sportsground managers.

Jim has lived in Worthing for over 40 years and his children all still live in the area.

“I’m passionate about the future of the town my grandchildren are growing up in. It has so much to offer, but as they say in the school reports, it’s often an under-achiever.  I want to change that.”

He is a keen walker and a lover of the South Downs. He works for the Steyning Downland Scheme – a nationally recognised conservation project restoring an area of downland to the species-rich environment it used to be.