Catchbox arrives in Worthing

Catchbox arrives in Worthing


Anne Weinhold is bringing Catchbox to Worthing fishermen and residents at the end of the summer.

Catchbox  is a co-operative supporting local fishermen by buying some of their catch on a weekly basis and sharing it with their members.

Anne said:  “The scheme is already very successful in both Brighton and Chichester, and now we are looking to set it up in Worthing at the end of this summer.”

The community supported fisheries scheme is designed to benefit everyone.  Fishermen get a fair price for their catch and Catchbox members can eat some of the freshest fish they’re are likely to find anywhere.  Members won’t be able to choose what fish they receive as they will get whatever is caught on the day.  Anne says that is part of the fun.

And Anne is already seeking interest from Worthing’s fishermen.

Anne said:  “Would you be interested in supplying some of your catch to our co-operative?  We can decide on the best day and time for you to sell some of your fish to us.  We’d then come and pick it up from you to hand out to Worthing residents at a collection point somewhere in town.

“If you’re interested in joining the Catchbox start up in Worthing, please let me know.

“I look forward to hearing from you!”

Anne Weinhold can be reached on: 07863 824781  or  e-mail: