‘Caught in the ACT’ at The Lamb

‘Caught in the ACT’ at The Lamb


Duo Caught in the ACT are playing at The Lamb, Durrington from 8.30 pm tonight (Saturday August 9th).

Caught In The ACT like to sing singalong songs!  Songs that everyone knows and loves. Songs that are easy to dance and groove to. Songs that are fun and lively. An example of the songst they cover are Mama Do, Jumping Jack Flash, Honky Tonk Woman, Making Plans For Nigel, Teenager In Love, Angie, Blue Suede Shoes, Johny B Goode, Sweet Home Alabama and many more.

They also like to see if any of their friends are available on the night to join in with some of the songs, whether bass player or drums, they like to add a bit of variety to their act whenever they can. No demos as yet as they have been too busy setting up, rehearsing and gigging!

John has been in bands and duos since he was a baby. He plays all manner of guitars, but for this duo, mostly acoustic or 12 string. He has a good voice and can carry his own. In fact Jax often leaves him to it!  At present he is in a covers band called 168 No Sleep.

Jax is a crazy, lady who oozes fun and madness on the stage. A great spirit, she has been singing since she was a toddler, so not as long as John. She loves covering songs that people can dance and sing along to. She has been in several duos, was in Rip The Covers Off until recently and often likes to sing a bit of rock at jam sessions locally. Influenced by Etta James, Muddy Waters, Marc Bolan, Sponge Bob Square Pants and Joan Jett. 

The Lamb is in Salvington Road, Durrington.