Celebrating Small Charity Week

Celebrating Small Charity Week


The vital work of small charities is celebrated this month in Small Charity Week.

Set up by the Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) in 2010, this year Small Charity Week runs from Monday June 15th to Saturday June 20th.

Each day of the week has a different focus, but all aim to celebrate and raise the profile of the small charity sector in the UK.

Leader of West Sussex County Council Louise Goldsmith said: “Small charities make a huge difference to vulnerable people across the UK, often working to an extremely tight budget. Their work really is essential to so many and they perform a vital role within communities which isn’t always recognised.

“Small charities rely heavily on voluntary help and donations from local people – please help support small charities in your community.”

Local charities and organisations in West Sussex can apply for funding from the County Council’s Community Initiative Fund (CIF), which is run through the network of fourteen County Local Committees.

Louise said: “CIF funding has helped support many projects and charities over the years, and has made a real difference. I’m sure there are lots of projects across West Sussex which could really benefit from our help, and I would encourage them to apply for funding.”

Some of the events taking place nationally for Small Charity Week include two social media competitions to win funds for a charity on ‘I Love Small Charities Day’ on Monday June 15th, Big Advice Day on Tuesday June 16th to provide small charities with free expert advice, and culminating with Celebration Day on Saturday June 20th.

Louise added: “This is a chance for people everywhere to get involved and show their support for local charities. But it also aims to reach out to small charities encouraging them to find out what information and support is available to them as part of the activities.”