Chatsmore School requires improvement

Chatsmore School requires improvement

Ofsted in their latest report on Chatsmore Catholic High School say the school requires improvement.   The behaviour and safety of pupils are good but achievement of pupils, quality of teaching and leadership and management are all deemed to need improvement.

Students’ achievement in many subjects was not good over the last three years and students are not learning the skills they need to work independently according to the Ofsted report.  Teaching is not consistently good across all subjects or challenging enough.  Some teachers do not always check everyone is learning well during lessons and are not clear what students need to do to improve.  Senior leaders and governors do not have a clear overview about how all the different groups of children are doing.

There is a good community ethos and students are proud of their school. The children behave well and in an orderly manner around the school site.  Since the last inspection in 2010 the headteacher and governors have worked successfully to improve teaching.

Ofsted inspected Chatsmore Catholic High School over two days in late January.

The headteacher is Mr Mike Madden.