Cheaper energy plan for Worthing residents

Cheaper energy plan for Worthing residents


Councillor Hazel Thorpe has a plan for cheaper energy bills for Worthing residents.  Lib Dem Cllr Thorpe moves a motion at the next Worthing Borough Council on Tuesday (April 16th) for the council to run a bulk energy purchase scheme.  Buying in bulk will enable residents to get cheaper rates.

The plan works by local people joining a collective purchase scheme organised by the local council to buy energy collectively.

Similar schemes in Councils up and down the country, from South Lakeland, Eastleigh and Oldham to Cornwall have been able to secure savings averaging £100 – £230 per year as a result.

The scheme launched by Energy Minister Ed Davey last year already has 91 Councils of all parties following their lead.

Hazel Thorpe said: “I’ve asked residents what they think. They think it is a great idea. This is a much needed sensible plan to push down rocketing energy bills and give back control of family budgets to residents.

“It’s time for Worthing Borough to help hard pressed families save money on their energy bills so that they don’t have to choose between eating and keeping warm.”