Check on elderly this winter

Check on elderly this winter


West Sussex County Council urges communities to check on their more vulnerable residents this winter, especially with Christmas approaching. 

The County Council has come up with some suggestions for what people can do to help keep themselves and their families warm, healthy and safe.

Top tips for winter include:

  • wash your hands regularly to stop viruses from spreading;
  • eat regular hot meals and drinks for warmth and energy;
  • electric kettles are among the most energy-hungry appliances in the home so only boil just the amount of water you need;
  • keep lids on pans to cook more quickly and reduce condensation and mould growth. Let any damp air out briefly for the same reasons; and
  • if you live in an area at risk of flooding make sure you sign up for free flood alerts.

Prepare for Winter web pages are available on the County Council website.

Cabinet Member for Adults’ Services Peter Catchpole said: “With the colder weather and darker nights now upon us, we all need to be alert and look out for others in our communities, for example, checking that elderly or disabled neighbours are safe and well as the winter gets properly underway.”

West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is also encouraging residents to make sure older relatives and neighbours have a working smoke alarm in their home.

Meanwhile, the County Council is urging all at risk people not to put off getting the flu jab and to get vaccinated now.

More information about the flu jab is available on the Prepare for winter web page along with other general winter health and wellbeing advice.