Cheeky Monkey Club

Cheeky Monkey Club


Worthing Kids & Dapper Snapper (WKDS) hold a ‘Cheeky Monkey Club’ on the first Friday of every month at P.L.A.Y. from 4.00 pm to 6.30 pm.

The Cheeky Monkey Club is for children with special needs from 0 to 12 years and includes a sensory room, ball pool, soft play, crafts, WKDS toys and Wii.

There is a speech therapist available for six ten minute sessions, booked with a time slot on arrival, and WKDS will ensure as many different families as possible get the chance of a session each term. Each night will finish with a group speech therapy activity.

The speech therapist has been paid for by money raised by Bees nursery, Tarring Schools reunion and Waitrose green tokens.

WKDS are a charitable organisation representing a large group of parents all of whom have a child with special needs of varying ages.

P.L.A.Y. is in Stoke Abbot Road, Worthing.

To find out more go to:  and the WKDS ‘Cheeky Monkey Club’ Facebook Page.