CircusSeen Children’s Clubs

CircusSeen Children’s Clubs


CircusSeen teach circus skills at the Children’s Clubs held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Worthing.

CircusSeen works each child through a programme of circus skill and equipment.  At the start of the term each student will be given a workshop booklet and encouraged to work through it focusing on a different skill each week. At the end of each term the children will be presented with certificates for the skills they have specialised in and learnt.

Does your Child have an interest in Circus Skills, performance, being creative and free spirited? CircusSeen offer circus skills training with an end of term certificate and a show each week at the end of class to show parents how far their child has progressed

Things you will learn include: Poi, Hooping, Diabolo, Stilt Walking, Juggling, Unicycling Staff, Face Painting, Balloon Modelling, Silks Balance Board, Tight Wire and much more.

CircusSeen do not just teach the skill – the children learn about the heritage of each skill, and how the skill has evolved over time – many circus skills have a rich history.

CircusSeen is unique – all student learn positive thinking and mediation as part of the workshop. Why?  Meditation helps to calm the mind and brings focus, when a child is focused, they achieve their goals much quicker. It helps to unlock their full potential.

What also makes CircusSeen unique is their amazing library service – just leave £10.00 deposit and take home selected equipment for your child to get extra practice in the week.

As well as learning new skills, during the first half of this term students attending the workshop will also be participating in rehearsals for the CircusSeen show. This is a unique part of the year for them because anyone who attends will also be part of their show A Circus Chronicle.

Classes are:  Monday & Tuesday 4.15pm to 5.45 pm at the Sidney Walter Centre and Wednesday 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm at Maybridge Keystone Centre.

Prices are £50.00 for the full course (per half term)or £7.50 to drop in. For booking please contact the team at or call 01903 203343 or 07900 063767.

The Sidney Walter Centre is in Sussex Road, Worthing.

The Maybridge Keystone Centre is in Raleigh Way, Goring-by-Sea, Worthing.