Climate Change – Worthing played its part

Climate Change – Worthing played its part


Pledges have been coming thick and fast since the UN Climate Summit held in September and in front of a pledging conference in Berlin this week. Worthing played its part in urging the world’s leaders to act.  

Only today (Sunday November 16th) Japan announced a pledge of US$1.5 billion to the Green Climate Fund following a pledge of US$3 billion by the USA.  France pledged US$1 billion at the UN summit, Sweden has pledged US$500 million and two days ago The Netherlands pledged US$125 million. And last month the European Union endorsed a binding target of at least 40% domestic reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030 compared to 1990.

This new urgency was prompted in no small way by The Peoples Climate Action Weekend immediately before the UN summit in which Worthing played its part.  On Saturday September 20th  Worthing Greenpeace and other local people concerned about what’s happening to our environment, gathered for a photo, to raise awareness of the increasing amounts of CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere.

Their photo was sent to the UN Climate Summit in New York and was displayed with other photos from groups around the world.  The aim was to make the world leaders sit up and listen – events since show it had the desired effect.

The event in Beach House Park coincided with the Worthing Beach Clean and Coastal Fair demonstrating there are now lots of good things happening environmentally in  Worthing by a growing number people.

Pictured: Worthing Green Groups urge action on Climate Change