Cllr Clive Roberts is new President of FBCA

Cllr Clive Roberts is new President of FBCA


Councillor Clive Roberts, Cabinet member for the Environment and Leisure, was installed as the 91st President of the Federation of Burial & Cremation Authorities (FBCA) in a ceremony held at Worthing Crematorium on September 29th. He has sat on the Executive committee for four years.

The FBCA represents approximately 90% of all cremation authorities in the United Kingdom. The Federation was established to represent its members at the highest levels and it is regularly consulted by Government Departments on regulatory issues and has considerable influence with these departments on matters relating to cremation and burial, one of its important roles is the gathering of statistical information from all crematoria each year. This information is compiled and then published and circulated to its members, Government Departments and other associated professional organisations.

As President Cllr. Roberts will Chair the Executive and Technical Committees as well as visiting 16 crematoria during normal operational hours accompanied by two Technical Officers and, generally, a representative of a Government Department such as the Ministry of Justice or Defra. During the visit an audit is made of the statutory and operational requirements with a report being sent to the cremation authority following the visit.

Cllr. Roberts said: “I was honoured, and excited, to be asked to sit as President of such an important organisation which has a great deal of input into legislation relating to burial and cremation”

“There is much misunderstanding and myth associated with the cremation process and I hope to encourage more transparency and understanding during my year as President”

“On the subject of transparency at the Crematorium, last year we held an open day which was well attended and we are planning to hold another one in early 2015. I would invite anyone who would like to come along and have a tour around the cremator area to see for themselves and understand a little more.”

“Bereavement is a very sad, stressful time”