Commando at Connaught Studio

Commando at Connaught Studio


Commando (18) is showing at the Connaught Studio, Worthing as part of the ‘MADE IN 1985’ season at 8.30 pm on Friday June 12th.

Arnie’s star was truly on the rise with this one. Coming hot on the heels of the first Terminator movie and the Conan films. A simple story featuring Arnie as a retired soldier who goes back into combat to retrieve his kidnapped daughter. Ridiculous action and even more ludicrous dialogue make this maybe an unintentional classic but a classic nonetheless. Pulling in a tidy $34m it was a sign that the public loved Schwarzenegger. 

The ‘MADE IN 1985’ season is a 30th Anniversary celebration of the best films of 1985. The season was only made possible by the sponsorship of the BFI and the Film Hub Southeast.

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The Connaught Studio is at 3 Union Place, Worthing.