Comment – You’re all the same

Comment – You’re all the same


With both the General Election and Worthing Borough Election campaigns in full swing we suspect all candidates meet the usual cry: “You’re all the same.”

Worthing Daily has asked the candidates in the General Election and all political parties in the local elections to prove they are not.  We have invited them to give statements of not more than 500 words to say what they would do if elected and in particular what they would do for Worthing.  All statements received will be published during this week.

But if you are convinced by a candidate’s or party’s arguments you cannot vote if you are not registered.  Disappointingly there are more than 800,000 people less on the electoral register than at the end of 2013 including a drop of more than 120,000 registered who will be 18 this year.

And you have only until tomorrow to register as the deadline is April 20th 2015 – you can register online here:

If you cannot get to the polling station on the day you can apply for a postal vote but again you have to be quick as the deadline is 5.00 pm on Tuesday April 21st.

For more information:

Worthing Daily knows they’re not all the same.

Show you too can spot the difference and use your vote in both elections.

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