Community groups invited to bid for CIF funding

Community groups invited to bid for CIF funding


Community groups in Worthing are invited to bid in the next round of Community Initiative Fund (CIF) grants. Bids need the support of your local West Sussex County Councillor.

Vice-Chairman of the Worthing County Local Committee and Chairman of the Community Initiative Fund sub group Bob Smytherman said: “The CIF is available to any small group or charity providing community services in the Worthing area and provides small grants for ‘one off’ initiatives to get projects off the ground the fund does not provide on-going revenue funding for staff and other costs.”

The overall aim of the 2013-14 Community Initiative Fund is to provide small grants to assist local community projects in any of the following areas:

Reaching new people

  • Increasing group membership and widening participation
  • Starting up new activities and expanding existing services for members of the community
  • Organising community events and activities
  • Bringing the community together

Developing services and supporting the local economy

  • Organising one-off events to increase visitors to the local area
  • Activities aimed at developing skills for local unemployed people and assisting them to gain employment
  • Raising the profile of your local community within West Sussex
  • Providing match-funding for improvements to community infrastructure and developing communally held assets

Encouraging community growth and self-reliance

  • Helping groups and organisations to develop their initial or starting assets and/or resources to support future financial independence
  • Helping communities influence the planning and delivery of local services
  • Protecting the environment and promoting sustainable local development

Whilst all applications must fall under at least one of the headings above, the activities listed are not exhaustive, in recognition of the huge diversity of activities undertaken by community groups and organisations across the county.

If you are uncertain as to whether your project is eligible, contact your local County Councillor to see whether they are likely to support your application.

Preference is given to the following applications:

  • those which have secured additional funding sources; and
  • those able to demonstrate strong community support and leadership in the project.

To apply please contact your local County Councillor who will complete the application with you. The deadline for the next round of funding is Monday 11th November.

Your local County Councillor can be found here:

Pictured: Cllr Bob Smytherman – Chairman of Worthing Community Initiative Fund sub-group