‘Core of Io’ at Bar Forty Two

‘Core of Io’ at Bar Forty Two


Battle of the Band Winners 2014 Core of Io with support from Versus Ursus, Ephemeral, As Flames Arise and Nexx are at Bar 42, Worthing from 7.00 pm to 1.00 am on Friday December 12th.

Bar 42 said:  “ Core of Io are a tech-flavoured modern rock band from the U.K.  Formed out of the ashes of various projects and some random coincidences, the quartet met with the intention of writing cohesive songs whilst pushing the boundaries of their own musicianship.

“After releasing the debut single It’s All Yours in late 2013, Core of Io have built up a reputation of relentless work ethic and an emphatic live show whilst clocking up over 40 gigs, two singles an E.P release and BBC airplay in their first year.

Versus Ursus – Purveyors of finely crafted audio masochism Versus Ursus borrow from a wide range of influences when constructing their sonic palette. Their unique, attention-deficit approach to song-writing draws as heavily from traditional Punk, Rock and Metal as it does from more avant-garde areas of music. Rejected by science, these decrepit mishaps slunk away to their basement lab to produce their experimental elixir, re-emerging after years of toil they were rewarded with a sound rich in melody permeated by the bombastic energy of youth. Unconventional song structures and ambient guitar work draw the listener into songs that feature both soothingly poetic vocals and guttural screams.

Ephemeral – A f***ing decent metal band from Brighton. Influences include Trivium, Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, Sylosis, The Agonist, Slipknot, Machine Head. 

As Flames Rise –‘Things start to kick off when As Flames Rise take to the stage, this melodic 6 piece metalcore band really bring an injection of energy to the Ocean Rooms tonight, with their dual vocalists providing some combinations of extreme brutal growls combined with fast paced melodic guitars. The crowd really get involved when the singers Craig and Matty command everyone to get down low on the floor and get naked, copying something they saw at a Festival recently (Possibly Skindred at Takedown), this works a treat and ends in total chaos, just as the band wanted.’ – Rock-Regeneration

Nexx – Lets crunch some eardrums while the vocals shiver and shake through a rocky-metalliferous display. New EP just released!”

Entry is free.

Bar 42 is at 42 Marine Parade, Worthing.