County Council tries to save Camelia Botnar

County Council tries to save Camelia Botnar


West Sussex County Council is working with the Camelia Botnar Children’s Centre to try and prevent the closure of the valuable community facility. 

The Camelia Botnar Children’s Centre in Goring cares for pre-school children, especially those with special needs or long-term medical conditions such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy or cystic fibrosis.

The centre provides early years’ developmental care skills free of charge and relies on donations to keep it running. Due to depleting funds it said earlier this year that it might be forced to close this summer if a benefactor did not come forward.

The County Council recognises the valuable service the centre provides to the community and has agreed to provide funding in the short-term to prevent the imminent closure.

Philip Bush, Chairman of the Centre’s Trustees, said: “This is a welcome collaborative venture between West Sussex County Council and the Camelia Botnar Children’s Centre. 

“The injection of funding will hopefully act as a platform for both organisations to work closely together to provide a more comprehensive and cost-effective early years’ educational service for children with special and additional needs.”

West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Children – Start of Life, Peter Evans, said: “There is no disputing that the centre provides an amazing service which so many families in the county rely on. We are grateful for the contribution the centre has made to the community for so many years.

“We have decided to grant the centre some funding in the short-term to allow it to stay open.  We hope that we can now look to the future and explore options which might allow the centre to stay open in the longer-term.”

The centre, which is staffed by a highly trained nursery team, has three main rooms with an adjoining outdoor play area and sensory rooms, which provide light, sound and touch stimulation.

If you would like to donate to the running of the centre please refer to the Camelia Botnar website.