County matters

County matters


This Thursday sees the elections for West Sussex Council with nine seats in Worthing up for grabs. Turnout in past County elections has been lower than in Worthing Borough elections but as we have said before County matters.

For every pound of council tax 77p goes to West Sussex and only 14p to Worthing Borough Council.  The remaining 9p goes to the Sussex Police & Crime Commission.

West Sussex deals with the more important things affecting your daily life – education and schools; adult and children social services; waste disposal and highways and transport.  Worthing deals with refuse collection, leisure activities and green spaces.

All five candidates on this week’s Cookie Jones “Hear me talking” discussion on Worthing Sunshine Radio agreed Worthing’s voice must be clearly heard in the corridors of County Hall in Chichester.

Whoever wins on Thursday must fight for Worthing to no longer be the Cinderella of West Sussex. Fight for a better share of infrastructure improvements including a better share of traffic regulation orders to speed up much needed road and pavement repairs.  Fight for a fair share of any available capital funding as dispersed last year and fight to keep their fair share of parking revenue.

Show the candidates they have your full support in voicing your wishes by voting on Thursday and show them you believe County matters.

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