Creche and Burn Sunday at Bar 42

Creche and Burn Sunday at Bar 42


It’s ‘Creche and Burn Sunday’ at Bar 42 from 3.00 pm today (December 14th).

Bar 42 said: “Come to the adult crèche and avoid the pits of our consumerist society…seriously forget the shoppin and come a boppin (ouch!)…spend your present pennies on beers, wines and spirits served by the staff in black.

“Debenhams or Bar 42 its up to you…


The Cinderella Men – Rock and Roll, Beat and Roots, guaranteed to cure your xmas blues…more lumberjack than Seasick Steve.

The Wing Dings – Original popular songs with smashing harmonies from a bunch of handsome vagabonds.

“Joe Bunn – Worthing’s only and most successful comedian, funnier than Teville Gate and twice as hairy.

“Drake Mauge – Sings beautiful songs with sensuous meanings, with a small axe and a large hirsute chin.

“Weird Beard Dj – The man, the legend, a true collector of eclectica…spinning your next favourite song.

“Other attractions to be announced.”

£3 or a donation.  Men with full beards half price, ladies with full beards free!

Bar 42 is at 42 Marine Parade on Worthing seafront.