Deanna Hilder Exhibition at St Paul’s

Deanna Hilder Exhibition at St Paul’s


St Paul’s Centre, Worthing is very excited to be exhibiting the work of Deanna Hilder and her mesmerising ‘Fork Sculptures’ from now to Friday November 7th.

Deanna’s current practice is haptic and stems from the spontaneous desire to create 3D work using whatever objects and materials come to hand and which inspire her. These might be natural objects collected on walks in woods or along the beach, items found in charity shops, discarded packaging or everyday objects such as the plastic forks used in this exhibition.

Inspired by the shape and integrity of the forks, Deanna has created works that invoke images of bones, fossils, feathers or other natural forms that are completely at odds with the original, everyday function of mundane plastic cutlery.

Making works that elicit visual and emotional responses in the viewer, Deanna strives to challenge the orthodox uses of man-made objects, inviting the viewer to question what they are observing.

Having gained her ‘A’ level in Art at school, Deanna spent many years attending various evening classes in Art, Mixed Media and Textiles as well as becoming a bespoke Picture Framer. She decided that she wanted to study in more depth and at a much higher level and so enrolled onto the part-time Foundation course in Art, Design and Media at Northbrook College, Worthing, West Sussex, where she is now currently studying for her BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art.

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