Decision Day

Decision Day


Wednesday is Decision Day for the nine members of Worthing County Local Committee.  It is the day when they decide whether to spend available funds on repaving Montague Street or retain those funds to implement 20 mph zones in Worthing’s residential streets.

The arguments for and against 20 mph zones have been rehearsed, week in week out, for at least three years in letters to local newspapers and across the social media. But Worthing Borough Council and West Sussex County Council have already voted in favour of progressing 20 mph zones in Worthing provided the majority are in favour.

Whether the majority are in favour or not is the crux of the matter as both sides of the argument claim to represent the majority view.  There is only one way to find out who really represents the majority and that is by having a public consultation.

Such a consultation has been promised by Worthing County Local Committee for around two years and at the moment is still in the official work programme – albeit not now expected until Summer 2014.

Yet there is an option on the table on Wednesday to cancel the consultation leaving the argument unresolved.  No longer will Worthing’s residents have the opportunity to tell councillors whether they wish a 20 mph limit in their street or not.  Worthing Daily believes to cancel the consultation will be a backwards step too far.

Whichever side of argument you stand on make sure your County Councillor knows your views as this may well be the last chance for several years.

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