District of the Dead

District of the Dead


It seemed fitting  the Zombie Crawl for the District of the Dead event yesterday (Saturday November 2nd) started from Teville Gate as that district has been dead for some years.

Oddly our article ‘Teville Gate – now it’s 2014’ published in March did rise from the dead last week as it was viewed around 90 times.  It has always been among the walking dead as a week has rarely gone by in the last six months when it has not been viewed.

Also on Facebook this week there have been suggestions that something may be about to happen at Teville Gate and we guess this is because of reported comments from Leader of the Council Paul Yallop.

Cllr Yallop’s comments were made in the last Council on Tuesday October 15th in response to a question from Cllr Alan Rice.

With the renewed interest Worthing Daily checked out the recording of the Council on Worthing Borough’s website.

Referring to Teville Gate Cllr Yallop said: “I don’t often inspect it because it’s not owned by the council. I do look after the council’s property but I don’t have any detailed surveys of Teville Gate.

“I am aware that we are awaiting for it to be redeveloped. I have been discussing it with Mr Bailey (Worthing Borough Council’s new Chief Executive) as to what else we might be able to do as a Council to encourage that.

“There has been some movement with the current owner of the site but quite frankly for all of us it is not enough and we would like to see more. It is something we will be looking at.

“We are told the economy is rising like a Phoenix from the recession and I would like to see Teville Gate rise with it.

“We can accept some of the excuses during the credit downturn but when things start to improve we will expect to see some action there and if the current owners can’t do it I would like to think we can find someone else who can.”

Worthing Daily applauds these signs of life and truly hopes Teville Gate can emerge triumphant from the District of the Dead.

Worthing Daily

Cllr Alan Rice is editor of Worthing Daily and author of this and each Sunday Comment piece.