Don't forget clocks go forward and to 'Tick Tock Test'

Don't forget clocks go forward and to 'Tick Tock Test'


Worthing Daily reminds all their readers that clocks go forward by one hour tonight at 1.00 am (Sunday March 30th).

And West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service reminds everyone to  test their smoke alarms when they put forward their clocks on March.  As you are at least four times more likely to die in a fire in your home if there is no working smoke alarm, this simple quick check is a real life saver.

Sunday is also Mother’s Day so why not show you care and offer to test for mums of all ages who might need help. Sadly more than half the 211 people, nationally, who died in accidental fires in the home last year were aged 65 or over. 

Testing for an older family member, neighbour or friend who finds their smoke alarms difficult to reach could give them those vital extra seconds to escape when it really matters.

This weekend ‘Tick Tock Test’ your smoke alarms.