Don’t stop me now

Don’t stop me now


Worthing Mayor Bob Smytherman has his last big charity event tonight (Sunday May 18th) with the aptly named ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’.

Heralded several times during his tenure as Worthing’s best ever Mayor our #CoolMayor is not known for his tendency to stop.  Not stopping for breath, Bob has come a long way from flipping burgers in Old Nick’s Burger Bar in the Royal Arcade to the dizzy heights of numero uno in the Borough.  The Mayor takes precedence over everyone in the Borough except members of the Royal Family or their representatives.

In addition to serving the people of Worthing as Mayor for a year and a bit, Bob has served the residents of Tarring as Worthing Borough Councillor since 2002 and as West Sussex County Councillor from 2009.

Not content with Mayoral and councillor roles, Bob advises private residential leaseholders, tenants’ and residents’ associations and residential management companies in his role as Chairman of The Federation of Private Residents Associations Ltd.   Still not holding back in this role, Bob is a judge on the influential ‘News on the Block’ Property Management Awards and has been Chairman of the management company of his own block of flats since 1995.  No stopping him there.

Bob has not flinched in his time as Mayor from dressing as a zombie, running a Christmas Pudding Race,  dancing the Macarena in South Street and doing a comedy double-act with Adur District Chairman Mike Mendoza.  And the double-act of Bob and Mike promises to go on as ‘Unchained’ aka ‘The Two Old Mayors‘.

Don’t stop Bob now – to paraphrase  Al Jolson in ‘The Jazz Singer’ : “You ain’t seen nothing yet”.