The Doppler Shift at Bar 42

The Doppler Shift at Bar 42


The Doppler Shift with The Island Club and Big Society are all at Bar 42, Worthing from 7.45 pm to 1.00 am tonight (Friday April 17th).

Mark Forty Two Knowles said: “We are gathering here on this day to celebrate the birthday of one of Forty Two’s finest regular punters, Christie. She has a special place in all our hearts.

“She made a big donation to our Kickstarter appeal and in the process earned herself a birthday gig.
Dunno how old she is, 21 I suppose. Dunno

“However, this isn’t just a birthday. This is a great line-up also.

The Doppler Shift: We’ve had the acoustic version here before. This will be the first full band version we’ve heard and I can’t wait for this. The word isn’t classy as it’s classier than that. What’s classier than classy? Majestic? Too much? Come and have a listen and decide yourself.

The Island Club: I’ve seen them twice now and any lovers of synth indie pop will be knocked bandy by these chaps. Nothing more to say really.

Big Society: Taken on recommendation and after investigation and have to agree they look like they are going to be spot on. They are getting rave reviews and they’ll have some more once they been here. I’m sure of it.”

Entry is fee – over 18’s only.

Bar 42 is at 42 Marine Parade on Worthing seafront.

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