Dress in green for World Downs Syndrome Day

Dress in green for World Downs Syndrome Day


Worthing Kids & Dapper Snapper (WKDS) are organising a ‘Dress in Green Day’ on March 21st for World Downs Syndrome Day.  

March 21st (21/3) is World Downs Syndrome Day as the date represents the extra chromosome 21 -, 3 instead of 2 which people Downs Syndrome (DS) possess .

WKDS are urging Worthing residents to ask their schools and work places to join in. Although WKDS is no longer just a group just for families with a child with DS, as it was when it started nearly 8 years ago, many of their 200 families do have a child or young person with DS.

As the only local group that is affiliated to the Down Syndrome Association, WKDS would like to bring them down to Worthing at regular intervals for information days. In the last three years they have held talks on puberty, entering adulthood and DS medical issues.

Last year WKDS organised a training course for the maternity staff at Worthing and St Richards hospitals on the correct way to give the initial diagnosis and the best way to support new parents.

They would like to bring the DSA down later this year for another information day for parents and professionals. The subjects covered will be how children with DS learn and the best methods to support their education. For speakers fees, venue, printing and catering the day will cost around £1700 so they need to fund raise to make this possible.

Please spread the word and help Worthing Kids & Dapper Snapper  make this opportunity for their parents happen.

For further details visit the event Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/events/699851200047173/?ref=3&ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular