E-fit of Ashacre Lane suspect released

E-fit of Ashacre Lane suspect released


Police today released an e-fit of a man reported asking a 12 year-old girl to get into a car on June 20th in Ashacre Lane, Salvington.

The girl said a silver Skoda stopped in Ashacre Lane and a rear passenger got out asking her to get in the car.  She did the right thing by running away and reporting this to police.

Detective Constable Mandy Dunk said: “The girl was shaken but otherwise unharmed. She describes the man, who was with two other men in the car, as white, skinny and scruffy, and with dark short hair and stubble. We now believe him to be in his late twenties, and not about 20 as previously described.

“This is a very busy road especially at 5.00 pm when she said this happened. We are looking into the circumstances and at this time are keen to find anyone who witnessed the incident.

“If anyone saw a silver car she describes as a Skoda, stop and someone talk to young girl before rejoining the traffic we would like them to contact police by calling 101 and quoting serial 1183 of June 20th.”

Police are treating this as an isolated incident. There have been no similar incidents in the area and it is not being linked with any other similar incidents elsewhere.