Earth bank to stop travellers at West Parade

Earth bank to stop travellers at West Parade


Worthing Borough Council is building an earth embankment to prevent unlawful encampments in Worthing’s West Parade area.

Work starts on Monday December 9th for the embankment to be in place by Christmas although the ground won’t be seeded until next spring.

A decision was taken to construct the embankment on the edge of the large grassed area, between Anscombe Road and Bernard Road, following two large traveller encampments last summer.

Worthing Leader Paul Yallop said: “I am grateful to local residents who together with my fellow ward councillor, Tom Wye, used their cars to protect the green from even more unlawful encampments last summer. Everyone involved welcomes the proposed works which will also provide additional protection by stopping children from chasing their footballs into the road.”

A lockable barrier will also be installed for the grounds maintenance team to access the area.